Flat roofs are notorious for leaking and often need replacing.  Using GRP Fiberglass roofing this is a problem of the past.  GN Construction led by Nick Jones have replaced many flat roofs using modern techniques and materials.  Not only are our flat roofing installations reliable and guaranteed, but are also aesthetically pleasing.  We provide a guarantee of 20 years but expect them to last more than 30 years.

icon-flat-roof-fiberglass-grpNo joins

Because of the way GRP Fiberglass roofing is installed there are no joins like traditional felt.  This means there are no entry points for water to creep in.  The material is extremely tough and robust that you can’t even cut through it with a knife.  So you can rest assured your flat roof will last a long time.


The top coat applied to the GRP Fibreglass flat roof is a layer of protect against the sun’s UV rays.  This stops it making the material brittle.  It also allows you to choose from a choice of colours to best complement the flat roof’s surroundings.  Some of these colours are designed to replicate the look of lead and copper.  Other options include green roofs and non-slip applications.

icon-flat-roof-fiberglass-grpLess Theft

GRP Fibreglass has no resale value.  Unlike lead which has been stolen from many roofs over the past few years.  Because it’s lack of value, thieves aren’t attracted to it.  Due to it’s tough and strong properties, it is extremely tough to break in through the roof unlike other materials which means your house is more secure.